Sun, Dec 11, 2016, 10:59pm
Tired of battling your fellow classmates for seats in Butler? Dorm room starting to feel claustrophobic? Hit the books this finals season in one of Columbia’s (many) libraries.
Thu, Dec 8, 2016, 12:41am
December marks the beginning of a trying time for MoHi humans. Tensions are high, libraries are overpopulated, and deadlines are looming.
Tue, Dec 6, 2016, 9:10pm
For most Barnumbians, libraries are sources of emotional pain: Redbull-infused late nights, problematic dissertations, essay-length problem sets, holes in the ground (hi, Barnard), and general feelings of despair.
Sun, Nov 13, 2016, 10:00pm
Discouraging, draining, and endless. No, I’m not talking about this past election—I’m talking about the Butler Seat Search.
Wed, Nov 2, 2016, 12:17am
If you’ve ever noticed a throng of students walking aimlessly around Butler, chances are they’re looking for an empty study carrel. These (occasionally) exist, and once you finally find one, you’ll never want to let it go.
Tue, Sep 20, 2016, 1:54am
Finding love at Columbia is hard.
Wed, Apr 27, 2016, 5:16am
In its final issue, The Eye presents 11 personal anecdotes about Butler Library. From the alcoves to the stacks, and from 7 in the morning to 4:30 at night, these stories span the where and the when of Butler experience.
Thu, Mar 3, 2016, 12:40am
I don’t know about you, but I get intimidated by the most trivial things in life. Making idle chat with the barista behind the register. The awkward silence exchanged within a crowded elevator. Finding my own way through the library.
Mon, Feb 29, 2016, 8:00am
Last week, Jenna Freedman, one of Barnard’s amazing librarians, helped us navigate our way through the libraries’ research resources.
Tue, Jan 19, 2016, 10:58pm
Updated Jan. 22, 3:35 p.m. LeFrak is back and, some say, better than expected.