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Men's and women's squash lose final regular season matches

  • Youjin Jenny Jang / Senior Staff Photographer
    Closing In | First year Joshua Sekhar won both of his weekend matches, but men's squash fell to Penn and Princeton.

The squash teams closed their seasons with losses to Princeton and Penn. No. 11 men’s squash (6-2, 2-5 Ivy) fell to No. 8 Penn, 5-4, winning in the first four spots but losing the bottom five games, and then lost to No. 9 Princeton, 7-2. No. 9 women’s squash (6-6, 1-5 Ivy) fared worse, getting swept 9-0 by both No. 3 Penn and No. 5 Princeton. With regular seasons over, the men will compete in CSA Team Nationals next weekend, and the women the weekend after. | @muneebalamcu


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