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CUMB is one of the most visible forms of school pride on campus and at a majority of sporting events.

Despite what Princeton may lead you to believe, the Ivy League isn't defined by caviar and casual racism. In reality, the Ivy League is nothing more than an athletics conference. That's why the Columbia University Marching Band is here to tell you the top reasons to come to a few Lions games this semester and cheer for the Blue and White.

Why CU sports?

  • You want to root for a New York team, but fuck the Yankees, right?
  • Come and admire Baker Athletics Complex, named after Becky Baker of the TV hit "Degrassi."
  • Debate the sex of Roar-ee the Lion with your friends!
  • Enough free T-shirts to clothe all of Africa, but instead, you get to keep them!
  • If PrezBo sees his shadow at Homecoming, there will be six more weeks of fall.
  • You won't run into the same problems with face painting that, say, a Brown student might.
  • Neither snow nor rain nor lack of talent nor lack of coordination stays the CUMB from the swift completion of its appointed duty: to have the most fun of anyone at a Columbia game. So come to a game, say hi to us, and be a part of the magic!


Columbia's unique athletic culture comes with a unique fan experience, and at the center of it all is the Columbia University Marching Band. The CUMB (the “B” is silent, like in “bass”) is the nation's pre-eminent scrambling humor force, as well as The Cleverest Band in the World (tm). To witness its antics, visit, or come say hello any time during NSOP.

This article is part of Spectator's Orientation Issue. You can read the rest of the issue here.

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