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Almost a month ago today, DSpar announced that she would be leaving us and our dead tree for Lincoln Center. This past Monday, Barnard’s interim president, COO Rob Goldberg (who will take over in March of 2017), was announced. On Wednesday, we gave you some info about him in this short and snappy history.

But in this land of free speech and opportunity, you, too, have the power to voice your opinion. Barnard’s actually accepting nominations for presidential candidates, and you can let them know what you’re thinking by filling out this form.

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What does the college want to know? Just your email, the candidate’s name (who can either already work for Barnard or be an outsider), and their qualifications. More specifically, “What makes this person suited to be President of Barnard College? Please include relevant experience and major achievements in the field of higher education.”

Probably means that no, you cannot nominate yourself. (Sorry, an A in your first-year English or spending one semester interning in the city doesn’t mean you have the experience). However, so long as you can make a strong and clear argument, you can get creative with your nominations.

Get cracking on those nominations, Barnardigans. You can fill out that application, or read some FAQs about the search process, what kind of candidate they’re looking for, and what will happen after you submit your nomination here.

Who would you nominate to be Barnard’s next president? Who do you think will be the next president? Comment your candidates’ names down below, fill out the form, Tweet us, or Snapchat us @CUSpectrum to let us know.

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