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Optimize your work, and rest with one of these sleep schedules.
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Your 12/7 Wake Up Call

Bye-bye, Barnard library crater. It’s been real.

Today's top stories


Bernie’s letter: Nbd but Bernie Sanders wrote a letter in support of grad teaching and research assistant unionization at Columbia.

Bye-bye Barnard library hole: Say hello to the new Barnard library steel superstructure. Yep, the next phase of construction for Barnard’s Teaching and Learning Center is starting. The lawns won’t be a giant crater anymore.

Dogs > relationships: Every time columnist Ian Hewitt ends a relationship, he ends up loving dogs more. Sounds fair enough.

So long, Jamba Juice: JJ’s is replacing Jamba Juice with its own homemade smoothie line. They just need you to vote on a name—like, now.

Haunted campus: Ever been to the French house? Fun fact: Buell Hall was one of the first mental health asylums in the U.S.

Silver linings? Nate Silver joined a panel of Columbia faculty to discuss polling after the 2016 election.

Advertising majors: You’ve got a few months left, sophomores, but you'll need to declare soon. Luckily for you, these academic departments have made some hella convincing ads for their subjects.

Sleep/study schedules: Optimize your werq and rest by sticking to one of these sleep schedules.

Buried in the archives: Did you know art archives were even a thing? Why are they so inaccessible? The Eye investigated the records.

Conclusion jumping: Columbia’s link to the Panama Papers isn’t that sketchy, according to columnist Elena Burger.

Pro tip of the day

You’re missing out on libraries: Campus libs do way more than you think. Get better at office hours chats, navigating the city, and watching free TV. There’s research help as well, duh.


This week’s competition: Sell out your roommate or suitemates for Muji. Tbh your living situation has probably led to some outrageous stories by now. Spill the jelly beans by confessing your wildest room- or suitemate-related escapade.

Events and opportunities

Check out Spectrum's Study Break Master Calendar to find one that works for your schedule.

Info session: Columbia Real Estate Society’s “Network and Chill”
8 to 9 p.m. in Lerner Piano Lounge

Panel: Leadership in the Ivy League
8 to 9:30 p.m. in Schapiro Hall Sky Lounge

Performance: Barnard’s Got Talent
7 to 10 p.m. in 301-303 Diana Center

Snapchat of the day

Calm down, liberal media. Tbh everyone has an accent.

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