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Last year’s Varsity Show featured Alexander Hamilton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Shreyas Manohar CC’18 running across the stage in a diaper. We’re expecting nothing less from the 123rd edition of this age-old performaning tradition.

A lil’ history for those new at Barnumbia: The Varsity Show is a yearly play put on at the end of the school year. Originally founded in the late-1800s as a fundraiser for the varsity athletic department, it rarely includes any members of the sports teams nowadays. Satire, jokes, and witticisms about various members within CU’s administration are the norm (even as those same members watch on from the front row).

It’s also a pretty big deal, yet only a select few are chosen each year to be a part of the inner squad. This morning, the chosen ones for the 123rd Varsity Show were announced on the group’s Facebook page.

Introducing the cast of the 123rd Varsity Show

Francisco Alvidrez CC 19

India Beer BC 20

Bernadette Bridges CC 19

Xander Browne CC 19 (V122)

Julia Dooley BC 20

Harrison Gale BC 20

Rachel Greenfeld BC 19 (V122)

Jacob Kaplan CC 20

Joel-Isaac Musoki CC 20

Gus O'Connor CC 20

Jamie Gore Pawlik BC 17

Tom Phelan CC 20

Lauren Wilmore BC 20

Members of the Creative Team have already been announced, but in case you needed a reminder:

Director: Kyle Marshall CC 17

Producers: Rachel Andres BC 19, Alana Koenig BC 18

Writers: Amelia Arnold BC 17, Mark Lerner CC 18

Composers: Simon Broucke CC 19, Max Gumbel CC 18

Choreographer: Annie Block CC 19

Design Lead/Lighting Designer: Oliver Konkel SEAS 17

Stage Manager: Jackie Napolitano SEAS 19

Theories about the plot of this year’s Varsity Show? Can’t wait until May to discuss them? Talk about them down below in the comments, on Twitter, or Snapchat them to us @CUSpectrum.

Updated Sunday Dec. 4, 2016 10:32 a.m.

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