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Share advice with the campus community.

Are you a bona fide expert in Subject X, even though there isn’t a soul on campus who recognizes your brilliancy? Do you know more about a specific aspect of campus life than the average student? Sounds like you need to write an advice editorial—an ad-ed.

You’ve heard of op-eds. Just as op-eds offer insightful opinions from members of the campus community, ad-eds offer insightful advice from knowledgeable and informed students. Op-eds open up the table for debates and discussion; ad-eds create a forum for the student body to discuss resources and advice for issues relevant to college students.

Ad-ed subjects take on a variety of forms. The glorious thing is that your ad-ed can be about whatever you want, just so long as:

  • It presents an issue or question that cannot be solved by the common man, and
  • There’s a market beyond your lone self to read it.

How to submit an advice editorial

  1. Pitch your idea and explain the premise of your article via email. Consider the issues or questions you'll tackle, and how you're qualified to provide the info.
  2. The ad-ed editor will be in touch to establish deadlines and an outline of your piece over email.
  3. Once you finish your article, email it back to the ad-ed editor for an in-person round of preliminary edits. You’ll go over the content of your article, its usefulness, and its applicability to campus life.
  4. In one final swoosh of edits, you’ll come to the Spec office one evening for a fine-tune with Spectrum’s editors.

To write an ad-ed, recommend a writer, or pitch an ad-ed idea, contact, Spectrum’s deputy and advice editorial editor.

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