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Ever made a time capsule? You know, one of those shoeboxes (from when it was cool to buy a pair of Crocs) that you filled with memorabilia from 2005, and then chuckled over when you dug it up a little later in 2005 because you lack patience and self-restraint?

Now imagine a cooler, techier, greater version of that time capsule.

Be part of Spec’s Class of 2020 Survey.

We’ll survey as many members as possible of the Class of 2020 from all four colleges—Columbia College, Barnard, SEAS, and General Studies.

In 2016…

We’ll throw the data onto our website so you can learn more about your class—who they are, where they’re from, their perceptions of college.

Fast-forward four years to 2020 and we’re going to survey you again.

That’s where the fun part is. You’ll get to see how you’ve changed and grown as a community over your four years in MoHi, and you’ll be able to do a lot of cheesy, nostalgic reflection.

As a bonus, one randomly selected survey-taker will win a...

So get in on this time travel witchcraft and fill out Spec’s Class of 2020 Survey.

Remember, the more people who fill out the survey, the more accurate and compelling the results will be, so definitely send this around like midterm-season cold (which you’ll soon become familiar with.)

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