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Welcome, freshpeople, to the world-beating music curation service known as the Spectrum Pregame Playlist.


Every week, one of our knowledgeable (read: pretentious) writers will scour record stores across the five boroughs in search of the hottest tracks, most bumpin’ tunes, and turnt-iest music to liven up your pregame.


This week, we’re bringing you music that eulogizes summer’s end and gets ya real pumped for the year to come. Enjoy!


Bicep "Getcha' Boi"

I spent the summer managing a small club on a sun-dripped sandbar in Ibiza, and loved spinning tracks from this group of Irish brothers (let me be a bit dramatic w describing my Youtube discovery game, k). A killer deep house track, this one’ll have you thinking that the Solo cup full of Natty your friend just passed you is actually a fresh Negroni.


Drake "Come Thru"

The World’s Softest Rapper, Drake, really lets his sensitive side ~~come thru~~ on this track from his latest album. “Come Thru” is really nothing short of a narration of the start of your college life. Just think, when Drake raps that “somebody put an order in for a chicken,” why, he’s really talking about your first seamless order from Amir’s! And, when you miss your first Lit Hum section, and your professor sends you a text reading “come thru pls,” you’ll thank me later (boom, hit ya with another Drake ref).


Majical Cloudz – "Turns Turns Turns"

Summer is fun! But when your friends all went to the scoop shop without you to get moosetrack cones and pepsi-cola, it’s okay to do some navel-gazing. Devon Welsh’s singing is luxurious and languid, and the deep well of synth sound will hold all of the writhing emotions that your tumblr just can’t handle.


Madlib and Freddie Gibbs – "Shitsville"

“Shitsville” is probably the sort of clever descriptor for Columbia you’ll come up with during your second Amigo’s margarita after that early-semester glow fades. But I can’t really get behind taking after Freddie and adopting crack as “America’s cup of coffee.”


Chance The Rapper and the Social Experiment – "Wonderful Everyday (Arthur Cover)"

Arthur was always pretty chill, but now his theme song has been supercharged by Chance’s raspy singing. Def put this on towards the end of the night, when you’re feeling rly earnest and need to show your friends that you can be genuine + bangin' at the same time.


Clipping – "Summertime"    

Coming str8 at you from California, this glitch-rap trio brings the heat on their second album. MC Daveed Diggs gives a portrait of the best kind of simple summer: “that pot stick (pot stick)...white tees, no socks shit.” Listen to this one when the haters in your life are “quick to put a clip in a nine.”

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