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Hey Barnumbia!

Hope classes are off to a good start and that you managed to find a fan and/or a place with air conditioning!
A couple of factors make me feel disoriented on this fine first week of school: jetlag, denial over being a senior, a little bit of a hangover, and the Disorientation Guide.

Social justice and liberal values are prominent in the classroom and culture, but now they have been made clear in black and white. (I am only half-joking when I ask: can I use that phrase, or is it oppressive language?)

Also, enjoy this romantic period of excitement over learning, friends! Nothing is better than the warmth of a freshly printed syllabus.

Orli Matlow is an American Studies major in the School of General Studies and a Canadian comedian. Come and talk to her about musicals, comedies, musical comedies or Princess Diana conspiracy theories. Getting Graphic runs weekly.

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