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Even though Fall Bacchanal was canceled and deans said it had never been scheduled or approved, the University Events Management site shows a pending space booking for the event.

After the Bacchanal committee announced last month the cancellation of a fall concert they had planned for Sept. 14, the deans of all four colleges released a statement that said the "concert was never officially scheduled or approved." But according to the University Events Management site, the student group had, in fact, booked space. 

On both Sept. 13 and Sept. 14 on the calendar, Low Plaza and the Sundial are booked from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. for an event called Fall Bacchanal by the Bacchanal committte. It's worth noting, though, that the status of the event is marked as "tentative—pending event review."

The event's cancellation led to outcry from student groups, among them No Red Tape and Columbia Against Sexual Violence, who disapproved of the fact that organizers said part of administrator's concerns had to do with sexual assault. 

“There are so many options and other ways that it’s possible to make Bacchanal safer. … Just canceling this one visible thing doesn’t do anything to change the culture or to make things safer for anyone,” CASV's resources and outreach coordinator Caitlin Lowell, CC '15, said at the time. 

For student government officials, the disppointment came from wasted hard work of students. 

“On all levels—and you can see by talking to people—it’s not the right decision, and I guess from my perspective … student groups play such a huge role on campus and Bacchanal is a tragic example, but it’s just a general mindset of administrators not communicating enough with student groups," Activities Board at Columbia president Tony Lee said when the cancellation was announced. 

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