You heard it first: Send us your funniest first lecture moments

Come Tuesday morning, and we will be once again flung into the world of academia after the glorius, character-building (intern, Netflix, sleep, repeat) hiatus of this summer. Gird your loins for the memorable experience that is the first lecture of the semester—the place where professors can wax lyrical on their visions for their course, decode the eight-word course title (Gender and Sexuality in Post-Modern China, anyone?), and tell you why you are almost qualified to take the class, even though you’re a first-year (don’t ever, ever let the haters stop you).

We want to hear your most memorable moments from Tuesday’s first lectures—from the truly unforgettable quotes and overenthusiastic group activities to epic introductory speeches. Email us at through Wednesday. And don’t forget to do your readings. 


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