Feb 11, 2016, 11:26 PM

Sex with your TA is the ultimate college fantasy. But what happens after it actually happens?

Feb 11, 2016, 2:48 AM

Spectator’s new editorial board model leaves ongoing problems of diversity, representation, and impartiality largely unsolved.

Feb 10, 2016, 1:17 AM

Classes have been in session for a while now. The drop date is approaching quickly, and the stress of midterms is already encroaching. Now, more than ever, grading has become the focal point of our classes.

Feb 8, 2016, 1:36 AM

We need to rethink the way we engage with others’ opinions, especially those we disagree with.

Feb 4, 2016, 12:25 AM

The feeling of uncertainty arises from the fact that we are allowed to make choices for ourselves.

Feb 3, 2016, 2:30 AM

“If someone would put a gun to my head, I would get more work done.”

“Yeah, dude, just imagine how productive you would be.”

Feb 2, 2016, 3:26 AM

Statistically, none of us should be at this institution.

Jan 29, 2016, 12:50 AM

Although many first-years struggle with academic writing, it can be even more unnerving for nonnative English speakers. In America, university students are expected to be at the English proficiency level of a native speaker.

Jan 28, 2016, 10:53 PM

“So, do you want to stay in the United States after you graduate, or do you want to go back to Colombia?”

This is one of the hardest questions I’ve ever been asked in my three semesters at Columbia. I still don’t have a clear answer for it.

Jan 28, 2016, 12:14 AM

Racial affinity groups may not be the safest spaces for diverse opinions.