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Letter to the editor: Great fans made basketball a success

 To the Editor: 

This is a note to the Columbia community. 

This past weekend marked the end of the 2013-14 Ivy League basketball regular season—and what a wonderful year it was for our men’s basketball team! Thank you for your tremendous support!

This year, our men’s basketball team won 13 games at home, the most in a single season since Levien Gymnasium opened four decades ago. The team finished 19-12 overall and 8-6 in the Ivy League, marking the most wins in a single season since 1969-70, and the first winning Ivy League season since 1992-93.

Looking around Levien on Friday and Saturday nights all throughout the basketball season, it was easy to see why we have one of the best home-court advantages in the Ivy League: our incredibly loyal fans.

I am so proud of the tremendous support that men’s basketball has received from our faculty, staff, friends, alumni, and parents this year. What was really special was the passionate cheering of our students. Led by our Spirit Groups—the cheerleaders, dance team, pep band, and the young men and women who make Roar-ee come to life—the Columbia student section was one of the most energetic and spirited in the entire Ivy League.

Students came to the games wearing their Columbia blue and cheered loudly to the very last second of every game. Your passion and support means so much to your classmates who represent Columbia in varsity competition. Your support truly makes a difference!

With the spring sports season underway, I invite all students to support our teams in action. They are counting on you!

Thanks again, and Roar, Lion, Roar!

M. Dianne Murphy
Director, Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education
March 10, 2014

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menckenman posted on

Ms. Murphy
With all due respect, the reason for the cheering, the attendance and the support was chiefly the competency and competitiveness of our BB team.
If we could see that same capability in our other teams, such as Football, I submit that we would have similar enthusiasm. When CU begins intelligently and professionally exploring and addressing the reasons for our long-term sub par performance in so many team sports, perhaps then we will achieve the "roars" you so ardently call for.

come on posted on

if i get a 0 on my midterms, does that mean it's because you didnt cheer hard enough for me to get an A, ms murphy? how could you?! i have no personal motivation to get an A, but you know i still want one, and you, you were the only one who could've helped me get one. shame on you ms murphy for not getting us all As on all our midterms.

what a joke.

Lion posted on

You've obviously never played comptetitive sports at any level before.

Mannerly Lion posted on

OMG - Dr. Murphy is saying thanks to the fans - and this is the response she gets? I say - you are welcome Dr. Murphy - glad to cheer on our team.

The other posters here - your point is well taken about football though - would that we could enjoy with football some of the progress and success that men's hoops achieved - and I expect - baseball will have.

I am a little disappointed though to find out that Roar-ee is not a real lion.

Anonymous posted on

I believe this has more to do with what might be perceived as someone climbing on the current happy BB bandwagon, so to speak.
CU athletics and athletes have their bright spots, but typically in spite of CU admin support, not because of it.
As described above, fan support amazingly appears when teams are decent.
And how can you say Roar-ee is fake, Virginia?