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Dig Inn supports sandwich equality for all

  • Elaine Forbush for Spectator
    GOLD DIGGER | Dig Inn's sandwiches join the Morningside ranks of Milano, HamDel, and Westside.

Hey Columbia, we see your petition, and we raise you a sandwich. We looked on with growing interest as you got this movement off the ground, and we get the feeling you won’t stop until sandwich equality reigns supreme. You guys are quick-witted, and honestly, we’re pretty impressed. We endorse your quest for a sandwich ambassador, and as a sign of solidarity, will place your petition in our store in the heart of Morningside Heights and offer a 10 percent discount on all sandwiches for anyone that signs. We are with you, and we support the move toward sandwich democracy.

But sandwiches are only part of the bigger issue here. This is about more than just meat between two pieces of bread. Because let’s be real, we fully support the desire to eat a sandwich a day, but we think you deserve a whole lot more than that. It should be easier to eat well in school while you’re cramming for your midterms and all you’ve got is a box of ramen. We know being a student is tough, and it’s even tougher with the added financial burdens you face now and will continue to face when you’re done with college. The options for cheap, good food are few and far between. It’s true. But you hold the key to your own destiny and your own sandwich paradise.

What might have started as a joke within the Columbia community is actually a larger signal of food inequality and what’s wrong with our current food system. Why is it so hard for people everywhere to get a delicious and fresh meal at lunch time—OK, anytime—without breaking the bank? We think it’s time we fight this good fight together. Local movements to bring this issue to the table have already started in our neighborhood, specifically an interfaith group’s SNAP challenge in October to raise awareness about the difficulty of living on food stamps. Because sometimes it’s more than just a sandwich—sometimes it’s the fresh fruit and produce that we all deserve but few of us see in our daily meals. We’re not saying you shouldn’t eat a sandwich a day, but an apple is certainly a good place to start.

It’s time to equalize good, wholesome food, and we support bringing the highest quality food at an accessible price point to the masses. This is why we support a sandwich ambassador. Talk is cheap, but sandwiches are not. Let’s teach people to eat and live well on a budget. Let’s bring food literacy programs into schools where students, teachers, and parents alike can learn to feed themselves balanced meals at a low cost. Let’s end the gap between food producers and food consumers. Let’s end the gap between sandwich producers and sandwich consumers. Let’s build a sandwich democracy together. You, me, and the sandwich ambassador leading us all to a better tomorrow, a tomorrow we hope will be filled with sandwiches.

We want to set an example for the future. Not just for sandwich eaters now, but for future sandwich eaters, and future sandwich eaters after that. We take pride in providing the Columbia community a farm-to-counter sandwich for less than $10. Take note, sandwich ambassador.

The author is the founder of Dig Inn Seasonal Market.

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Howard Sachs/Washington DC posted on

As a conservative may I comment. A just society shows its justice partly by how it treats its most vulnerable citizens. The truly poor will always be with us. For them the kindness of family, neighbors, and the local community must be relied upon. The last resort should be the State. In America we are denying justice and rejecting our core values.. We are making policies that transmit the idea that ordering your neighbor to feed and cloth and house you is acceptable, even encouraged rather than something to avoid or be shamed about. That is called the entitlement mentality. Its not American and its not virtuous. 50 million Americans should not be ordering their neighbors to go out and work for their needs. Its a shameful thing. Secondly, our Democratic party is no longer the party of American liberalism. Its the party of Leftism steeped in Marxism- "from all according to their abilities; to all according to their needs." Leftism is a wealth and spirit and character destroyer. Its why America once proudly rejected it. Now we put people with its values in the White House. These are the values, the Party that has controlled Detroit for decades and now has turned a once thriving wealthy city into a third world pauper city. This is what Hope and Change brings. This is what focusing on non-American values brings. You students are now on the hook for over 17 trillion dollars of debt and 100 trillion of liabilities. You students run around talking about white privilege and heterosexual privilege and Christian privilege rather than the privilege of being an American, born into a country with the best value system in the world. This is anything but Hope and Change and justice. Leftism is an justice destroyer.

Sandwich Ambassador posted on

Why does your comment exist.

Richard Nixon posted on

You're mentally unstable buddy....

Dig Inn PR firm, step your game up posted on

>supports "equality for all"
>gives wealthy CC students a discount to the detriment of GS, BC and SEAS

You voted '-1'.
Impressed posted on

No seriously. A very nice piece to read, especially since I read it while eating a sandwich!!!! I will go get sandwiches from dig in soon. But to be honest, you have some competition since my SEAS body is fed quite well/cheaply with Carleton lounge sandwiches!

not impressed posted on

Less than $10? That's supposed to be considered cheap? God, Morningside Heights is such a yuppie hellhole. If you're not scared of black and brown people, you can go about 6 or 7 blocks away from Columbia and get a decent hero for less than $5.

dig inn posted on

could not get any more perfect