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At what point is a paid service superseded by a student's responsibility for his or her property?

To the Editor:

I was dismayed to read in Elizabeth Sedran's article (“Housing may charge fee for repeated room lockouts,” March 4) that I will now be charged for my morning walks from Claremont to the Hospitality Desk in Hartley. Few people may know this, but according to Wikipedia, the intersection of Claremont Avenue and 116th Street is the windiest in all of Manhattan—and there is nothing quite so pleasant as a stroll around that corner at 6 a.m. on a brisk March day. Thus far, my only occasions for these walks have been the few happy times I have locked myself out of my room. But now that the Hospitality Desk's hospitality will cost me $5 after two simple slip-ups, I think I shall simply stop locking myself out altogether.

I understand that the money collected under this new policy will go toward a project chosen by us students. (I've set up a petition for one.) Perhaps that project could be the creation of a pile of cash right next to the Hospitality Desk, from which any locked-out student could reimburse him or herself?

Sinclair Target, CC '15
March 4, 2014

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