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This Sunday is the deadline to nominate Columbia College and School of Engineering and Applied Science students for the King's Crown Leadership Excellence Awards. The awards, which were restructured last year, recognize students for broad categories including “Columbia Spirit” and “Indelible Mark.”

Recognizing and appreciating our classmates is one of the most valuable actions we can take. We all have that friend, floor-mate, or classmate who, in one way or another, profoundly shaped our Columbia experience. It is time to make their contributions known and publicly thank the members of our community who made this campus feel like home.

When we think of awards, we tend to think of recognized leaders on campus—be they club presidents, student council representatives, or “campus characters.” But there are just as many, if not more, unsung heroes who don't hold stereotypical leadership roles, but who still make significant contributions to Columbia.

Please take the time to think about the peers who have made a difference in your time at Columbia, and write it down. It only takes 150 words.

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