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Back row (l-r): Jillian Kumagai, BC '15, Dan Garisto, CC '16, Alex Smyk, CC '14, Peter Andrews, CC '14, Nicole Bleuel, SEAS '14, Nelson Castaño, CC '14, Margaret Mattes, CC '15, and Nathalie Barton, CC '14. Front row (l-r): Emma Finder, CC '16, Abby Abrams, BC '15, Rebeka Cohan, BC '14, and Joshua Boggs, SEAS '15. Not pictured: Justin Bleuel, CC '17.

Last semester, we began with a greeting and an explanation of who we are and what we do. Though we have several returning members, we are a different editorial board, and as such, we'd like to introduce ourselves again.

We serve as Spectator's voice, entirely separate from our news coverage. And, as we said last semester: We have the responsibility to represent ideas valuable and relevant to our readers—members of the Columbia community and residents of Morningside Heights and West Harlem. 

While we hope in part to represent your views, we also know and expect that you'll often disagree with us. This is part of our goal, though: to encourage discussion surrounding the issues we've written about.

Each time the editorial board meets, we deliberate and decide what we think merits your attention most. Then we attempt to come to an agreement about the issue at hand. This is a challenge we take up, in the hopes of editorializing what matters to you. The upshot of these discussions is that three times a week, we publish a staff editorial. Our editorials are intended not only to respond to news but also to introduce what's on the minds of students and other members of the community.

Editorial board members come from all corners of the University and bring with them vastly differing experiences. We are engineers and history majors. Some of us play water polo, others play the piano. We are part of Greek life, Hillel, Engineering Student Council, the Columbia University Marching Band, and much more. This list is far from exhaustive.

From these diverse backgrounds come a myriad of opinions and interests. Some of us have covered Columbia's relationship with surrounding neighborhoods and look forward to editorializing the continuing Manhattanville expansion. Others strongly advocate changing how Columbia handles sexual assault. We care about how students and the administration interact, and we're passionate about athletics at Columbia.

With the new year and the new semester, we resolve to carry out dialogue on these issues and more. We hope to listen to and inform you about the goings-on of this university and this community.

If you don't see us talking about the issues most important to you, we hope you'll let us know and join in the conversation.

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