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Letter to the editor: Global Core is arbitrary

To the editor: 

I read, with interest, Wednesday’s editorial on the Global Core, and thank the Editorial Board for bringing up questions about it. From the perspective of someone who has taught (and chaired) Art Humanities and a course that somehow makes it into the Global Core approved list, I am equally perplexed. Of the classes that I regularly offer, currently “Art in China, Japan, and Korea” is listed but “Arts of Japan” is not. Nevertheless, we find “Arts of China,” as well as “Introduction to East Asian civilizations: China”,  “Introduction to East Asian civilizations: Japan”, and “Introduction to East Asian civilizations: Korea” on the list. I’m looking for some logic behind all this but am having trouble finding it.

Matthew McKelway, GSAS ’99
Takeo and Itsuko Atsumi Associate Professor of Japanese Art History, Director of Undergraduate Studies

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