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Regie Mauricio

Over the last few months, we've dedicated ourselves to making Spectator a more agile, more digitally oriented news organization. We've been producing more videos, publishing more Web-first articles, and breaking more news on Twitter, and today, we're proud to unveil the latest step forward in our digital evolution: a completely redesigned, reimagined, and retooled website.

We now have a homepage that shows you more content from more sections of the paper, a comprehensive multimedia page, and the ability to design more creative pages that integrate graphics, photos, and multimedia. You can create an account to track your comments and favorite articles, and if you read Spectator on your smartphone, we now have a sleek, mobile-optimized site. We've also launched the Marketplace, a portal that connects Columbians to businesses that specialize in services like textbook exchanges, discount ticket deals, and internships.

Our online, design, and business staffs have spent months building the new website, and we couldn't be more grateful for their hard work and commitment. We're still working out a few kinks, and look out for more new features over the next few weeks. But in the meantime, let us know what you think, and happy reading.

Sammy Roth, editor in chief
Finn Vigeland, managing editor
Alex Smyk, publisher

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