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A 61-year-old woman was struck and killed by an SUV at 95th Street and West End Avenue on Thursday afternoon.

The New York Daily News reported that Jean Chambers was hit while crossing on West End when the 2004 Ford Expedition made a left turn. Chambers' death is the fourth fatality this year in the vicinity of West 96th and Broadway, which is currently being redesigned to increase pedestrian safety, this year.  

City Council Member Helen Rosenthal released a statement on Chambers' death and the future of Vision Zero—Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to eliminate traffic fatalities in New York City.

“This is an unspeakable tragedy, and I grieve for the victim and her loved ones. Furthermore, this is a preventable tragedy, and another case where caution on the driver's part would have saved a life,” Rosenthal said in the statement. “Driving is a privilege, not a right, and we must do whatever we can to put a stop to reckless driving.”

Rosenthal mentioned the three other deaths around the vicinity of West 96th and Broadway, all of which occurred in January and spurred action to prevent traffic-related deaths on the Upper West Side and throughout the city.

Alexander Shear, 73, and Cooper Stock, 9, were both killed on Jan. 10 on Broadway and West 96th Street, and West End Ave and West 97th Street, respectively.  Samantha Lee, 26 and a CUMC resident, was killed on Jan. 19 on West 96th Street between Broadway and West End Ave.

Community Board 7 and the Department of Transportation proposed a redesign for the 96th Street and Broadway intersection in January, with a crosswalk between the north and south medians completed in April.

Rosenthal additionally proposed Cooper's Law, which was named for Stock, that would rescind the licenses of Taxi and Limousine Commission drivers who have hit or killed pedestrians. The bill recently passed through City Council in June.

“I renew my call to my New York State colleagues to extend Cooper's Law to all drivers,” Rosenthal said.  |  @EvaKalikoff

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