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Barnard adds six members to board of trustees

  • WELCOME TRUSTEES | Barnard added six members to its board of trustees on Tuesday, including choreographer Twyla Tharp, BC ’63, and actor Dylan McDermott.

Barnard added six members to its board of trustees on Tuesday, including choreographer Twyla Tharp, BC ’63, and actor Dylan McDermott.

Warren Wilson College President Steven Solnick, philanthropist Carolina Steinbruch, NLabs Inc. chairman Allen Salmasi, and Newman Management Consulting CEO Terry Newman, BC ’79, will also join the board.

Board chair Jolyne Caruso-FitzGerald, BC ’81, and Barnard President Debora Spar announced the new appointments in a press release on Tuesday.

“It is an exciting moment at Barnard, as we undertake the largest capital campaign in the College’s history, and prepare to build an innovative new teaching and learning facility in the heart of our campus. Our incoming trustees will bring fresh perspectives and new ideas during this pivotal time,” Spar said in the release.

Tharp founded her own dance company in 1966, which would later merge with the American Ballet Theatre, and has received two Emmy Awards, a Tony Award, and the 2008 Kennedy Center Honor for her work. In fall 2014, she will return to her alma mater for the year to teach master classes and workshops as Barnard’s distinguished guest artist.

McDermott, a Barnard parent, has appeared in “American Horror Story,” “Steel Magnolias,” and “The Practice,” for which he received a Golden Globe.

Solnick has served as the president of Warren Wilson College in North Carolina since 2012 and on the Council of Foreign Relations since 2001. He was previously an associate political science professor at Columbia and the coordinator for Russian Studies at the Harriman Institute.

Steinbruch, the mother of a Barnard alumna, has worked with the Women’s Committee for the Federation of Industries of São Paulo and Congregação Israelita Paulista. She was also involved with Barnard's fifth annual global symposium in Brazil in 2013.

Salmasi, the father of a Barnard student, currently chairs venture capitalist firm NLabs Inc. He founded NextWave Wireless Inc., where he served as CEO and chairman, in 2005. AT&T aquired NextWave in a deal announced in August 2012.

Newman, the incoming president of the Alumnae Association of Barnard College, is the CEO of Newman Management Consulting, an executive coaching and consulting firm.

Barnard also added three members to its board of trustees in March.  |  @sammcooney


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