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Annie Diamond, BC ’15, returned to Connecticut from Oxford last Friday and will start physical therapy on Tuesday.

After falling from a roof while studying abroad in Oxford, England, in March, Annie Diamond, BC '15, returned to Connecticut last week and will start physical therapy on Tuesday.

Diamond, who returned on Friday, was studying at Mansfield College of the University of Oxford. In March, Diamond and a friend went out onto the roof of a building to look at the stars when she stepped on and fell through sheets of corrugated plastic. Her injuries included brain swelling, spinal fractures, and internal bleeding in her liver and kidneys.

“I came home on Friday, and it's been really nice to be home, but it's been kind of weird because I came home a term early,” Diamond said in a phone interview on Sunday. “But definitely better than the hospital.”

Diamond had been in the hospital since she fell on March 7 until last week. She said that her recovery is going well and that she will start physical therapy at a facility in Westchester, New York.

“I just started talking and walking last weekend,” Diamond said. “My memory is pretty much what it used to be except for a few little things. But I remember everything important, so that's good.”

Since her injury in March, Diamond said that friends, family, and strangers have been reaching out to her through Facebook and a CaringBridge page set up by her family.

“It's been really amazing—all of my friends and family have been really great, but also a lot of people I don't even know, which is really nice, but overwhelming,” Diamond said.

Olivia Aylmer, BC '15 and one of Diamond's close friends, is also studying abroad at Mansfield College in Oxford. 

“All of us at Oxford, and Mansfield especially, will dearly miss Annie this upcoming term, as she's become such a valuable part of the community this year, and it feels as though her time here was so unexpectedly cut short,” Aylmer said in a Facebook message to Spectator. 

“The positivity and hope for her own recovery that Annie's shown throughout this experience since she awoke has been contagious and has only made me more thankful to have met her this fall,” Aylmer said. “She's just the type of friend who, once she's a part of your life, you can't imagine her leaving it.”

Diamond will return to Barnard as a full-time student in the fall and said that she will be able to graduate on time with her class. In the meantime, she said she will stop by Barnard on Thursday to pick up a poetry prize from the English department.  |  @sammcooney

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