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General Studies Student Council voted Tuesday night to hand council elections over to the Columbia Elections Board. The first GS representatives on the board will serve until next spring.

General Studies Student Council voted Tuesday evening to give the Columbia Elections Board the responsibility of managing its council elections.

The Columbia Elections Board currently manages the Engineering Student Council and Columbia College Student Council elections. 

GSSC Vice President of Policy Gardo Martinez, GS '16, said that there were several advantages to GSSC changing from managing its own elections, and that the council will not lose control of the election process.

“It'll remove the ad hoc capacity that we've had before,” Martinez said. “Throughout the year, they'll [the Elections Board] constantly be working to increase voter turnout and how to get more people excited about running and voting.”

“GS will still be in charge of their own elections,” he added.

GSSC's current election management committee has a high turnover rate, meaning little institutional memory is passed down each year. 

The Columbia Elections Board is comprised of appointees from the student councils whose elections it manages, and GSSC will elect two members for the board. The new positions will be open to all GS students except current council members.

Because the decision was reached late in the academic year, the new members will maintain their positions on the board until the end of next spring's elections. GSSC will promote the new positions on the Elections Board on the GSSC Facebook page and in its weekly newsletter, The Owl.  |  @ColumbiaSpec

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