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Record numbers of Panhellenic sorority recruits this year

  • RECORD SETTING | Alpha Chi Omega's brownstone. A record 408 students applied to Panhellenic sororities this year, up from 396 last year.

 A record 408 students applied to Panhellenic sororities this year, up from last year’s high of 396 applicants, Panhellenic Council President Amelia Kudenholdt, CC ’14, said.

Stephanie Hanchuk, CC ’15 and the Panhellenic Council’s vice president of PR and marketing, said that the surging popularity of sororities in recent years will lead to the arrival of a sixth group in the coming years.

“Due to the positive response to the chapter’s extension on campus, as witnessed by the overwhelming success of Alpha Omicron Pi, Columbia Panhellenic and the community at large is excited to welcome the Iota chapter of Gamma Phi Beta onto campus no sooner than Spring 2015,” she said in an email.

Such an expansion would come just two years after AOII’s return to campus in the spring of 2013. AOII’s inital pledge class last year consisted of around 70 members, but this year’s recruits could double that number.

“We are anticipating great enthusiasm for the arrival of Gamma Phi Beta onto campus,” Hanchuk said.

Last year’s sorority recruitment process was extended from four days to five after higher-than-expected numbers of applicants. This year,  however, the recruitment process returned to being four days long.  |  @ebbogz


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