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Updated, Jan. 16, 10:30 a.m.

Six student organizations will receive Capital Investment grants from the four undergraduate councils to purchase new equipment and supplies.

The winners, announced Saturday in a press release, consist of Columbia Undergraduate Film Productions, the archery club, the lacrosse club, the Hindu Students Organization, the tae kwon do club, and the capoeira club.

The clubs will share just over $11,000 in grants. The fund was increased to $20,000 from $15,000 this year, with $10,000 allotted for each semester.

The lacrosse club received the largest grant—$3,800—to purchase new helmets and matching uniforms.

The capoeira club was given $1,000 to purchase instruments needed for its practice of the Brazilian martial art, while Columbia Undergraduate Film Productions will use its $2,625 grant to purchase a new camcorder.

The archery club was awarded $1,400 to purchase a compound bow and other equipment, while the Hindu Students Organization received $2,000 to replace its mandap—a religious altar—and to purchase new tablecloths and the Golu, a religious icon.

The smallest grant—$500—went to the tae kwon do club, which will use the money to buy new boards and other equipment.

The winning groups were chosen out of a pool of 11 applicants by a committee made up of representatives from the four undergraduate councils.

The councils announced the creation of the Capital Investment grants in October 2012 to help student groups with large-scale, one-time purchases. Seven organizations received the first set of grants last February.  |  @sammcooney

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