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Alumnus donates $5M to Business School's Manhattanville buildings

David Simon, Business ’85, donated $5 million toward the construction of the Business School’s planned buildings on the Manhattanville campus. 

In July, two investors donated $40 million to the Business School, putting it within $100 million of its $600 million goal for Manhattanville. This followed another high-profile donation of $100 million in May by alum Ronald O. Perelman. 

Simon is CEO of Simon Property Group, Inc., the largest publicly traded real estate company in the United States. 

Simon said in a statement that the Business School “played an integral role in helping me become an effective chief executive officer.”

“The new facilities in Manhattanville offer exciting opportunities for Columbia to continue to shape the next generation of business leaders,” he said. 

The buildings will occupy more than 450,000 feet of the new campus, and University President Lee Bollinger estimated in May that construction will likely start in a year and a half to two years.  |  @jilliankumagai


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Anonymous posted on

Thank you. They should be pretty close now to start construction.

protestfolk posted on

Coincidentally, according to the AFL-CIO's CEO paywatch site, "In 2013," Columbia University Business School Construction Project Funder "David Simon received $15,695,528 in total compensation," "by comparison, the average worker made $35,239 in 2013" and "David Simon made 445 times the average worker's pay." Perhaps the $5 million in tax-exempt money that Simon donated to Columbia University should be redistributed to community residents in Harlem who aren't being paid a living wage, instead?