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Student group pushes ballot initiative for fossil fuel divestment

  • GREEN MONSTER | Barnard Columbia Divest protesting in Washington, D.C. last year. The group is circulating a petition calling on Columbia to divest from fossil fuels, and if 10 percent of Columbia College students sign it, it could be the school’s first ballot petition.

If 10 percent of Columbia College students sign a petition for Columbia to divest from the fossil fuel industry, Columbia’s very first ballot initiative may take place this semester.

Barnard Columbia Divest is ramping up its efforts to have the University reinvest its endowment in more environmentally friendly places, and it’s looking to go through the newly enacted legislative process. 

“The power of a ballot initiative or referenda is that they force a response, and they aggregate media attention to the issue. They force people to look and consider what people are talking about,” University Senator Jared Odessky, CC ’15, said. “Now students have to face the choice of what they think about the issue.”

This ballot initiative, an issue brought by the student body to be voted on by the student body, would be the first since its implementation into the Columbia College constitution last year.

Unlike at schools like the University of California, Berkeley, however, where a ballot initiative on divestment enacted real policy change, students here cannot affect policy. The complicated process travels from the University Senate to University President Lee Bollinger to the Board of Trustees.

“If the majority of students feels that Barnard and Columbia should divest from these companies, then just having that evidence on paper would be really powerful, even if it doesn’t directly initiate policy. The administration wants to satisfy the student body. If the students aren’t happy with their decisions, that’s a thing they have to consider,” Ashley Wagner, BC ’14, Barnard’s Student Government Association representative for campus policy, and chair of the Sustainable Initiatives Consulting Board, said.

“This is a cry to force the University to divest from fossil fuels, but also for the University to release information,” Odessky said.

The hopes are that this petition will both spread awareness to the student body and compel the University to make the system more transparent.

While BCD has been an organization on campus since November 2012, members remain concerned over a perceived ack of awareness on campus about their cause.

“I don’t think anyone at Barnard really knows about it,” Wagner said. “I asked my friends if they had heard of it, and not a single person had.”

File Photo
DIVESTMENT MANAGER | “This is a cry to force the University to divest from fossil fuels, but also for the University to release information,” University Senator Jared Odessky, CC '15, said.

Pairing up with the Columbia University Democrats, BCD has engaged in a dorm-storming campaign to explain their causes and goals to students.

Adrian Febre, SEAS ’15, said that he was skeptical of the benefits of divesting.

“There’s obviously a good reason the money is there. There must be a lot of money coming from it to pay for stuff, and since Columbia is not flushed for cash—and hell, I could use some money, for my education, I would have to see what the effect of having the money divested would be,” Febre said.

Alex Richardson, GS ’15, said that he had more faith in the divestment movement.

“Divestment from fossil fuels is an important step in the right direction that I’d like to see happen here,” he said.

Ryan Elivo, CC ’15 and a member of BCD’s Coordinating Committee, said that Columbia’s investments in the fossil fuel industry were hypocritical. 

“Columbia loves to praise itself as being a highly sustainable institution. We have Jeffrey Sachs, the Earth Institute, and organic strawberries at Ferris. Columbia should put its money where its mouth is,” Elivo said.

At a fireside chat on Tuesday, University President Lee Bollinger said that while he didn’t see any need to divest, he was open to being convinced otherwise.  |  @ColumbiaSpec


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alpha2actual posted on

While immersed in the Officer Candidate Program, Marine Corps, Quantico, 1967, several of us newly minted Lieutenants would amuse ourselves by observing the antics of the anti-war protestors that would periodically appear in DC. The most hilarious event occurred during an October event when a mob, estimated size 50 to 60 thousand, converged on the Pentagon. Their mission, surround the Pentagon, hold hands, chant and levitate it. I’m not making this up.
The fossil fuel divestment campaign is reminiscent of this excercise in futility. The South Africa Apartheid divestment program accomplished nothing other than generate some publicity. Divesting Endowment Funds of fossil fuel oriented equities, MLP, ETFs, etc. would be irresponsible.

Anonymous posted on

Except, we did pull out of Vietnam and there was huge media attention surrounding Apartheid in South Africa that was generated by protests regarding investments.

And let's think about this: 50,000 to 60,000 people is a huge of people. That protests on the Pentagon was one of the most iconic ones in the history of the US. (

Let's also not forget that the protests against the War back in the 60's was so intense that it shut down Columbia and as a result Columbia almost became bankrupt. This situation cause all other major universities to appease their student protesters. It is also the reason why Columbia even has a University Senate. (Source:

Warren Buffet posted on

Yea, because almost causing our university to become bankrupt is a good thing, right?

DilloTank posted on

And what was the most significant consequence of the 'anti-war' movement? The slaughter of 3 million innocent civilians in South Vietnam and Cambodia by the Viet Cong and the Khmer Rouge (Communists).

It's nothing to be proud of.

Warren Buffet posted on

Divesting from these companies will have absolutely no impact on the policies of these companies. Whatever investment Columbia has in the oil companies is a drop in the bucket compared to their market capitalizations. Besides, oil stocks are stable investments. If the university didn't make an income, none of us would be here.

Woftemnerne posted on

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DilloTank posted on

If you are serious about not using fossil fuels, you should not buy, use, or eat any products that were made with, or transported by vehicles that use fossil fuels, you should not use modes of transportation that use fossils fuels.

Of course, this means, you will not be eating anything, or going anywhere, or wearing any clothing, or living in any sort of house.

So you think the neanderthals were better off? What's this all about anyway?

If you were willing to consider nuclear power, like France does, we could cut down the use of fossil fuels drastically.

Are there no engineering students at Columbia that can set you people straight?

Woftemnerne posted on

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