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Student Worker Solidarity reported Wednesday that the hot temperatures in the kitchen of John Jay Dining Hall have been temporarily cooled.

A meeting with administrators Tuesday evening resulted in a decision to turn off the upstairs pizza oven and prepare food downstairs until administrators find a long-term ventilation solution.  

SWS said it would “continue to hold the administration accountable to their long term promise to make John Jay Dining Hall, and all university workplaces, a safe place to work.”

This announcement came after several weeks of debate between SWS and Campus Services. SWS submitted a petition signed by 1,100 students to Vicki Dunn, executive director of Dining, that called for an upgrade to the dining hall's ventilation system.

On Monday night, SWS staged a protest in the dining hall. Students marched in between tables, chanting, carrying signs, and distributing fliers to diners.

“I wasn't quite sure what they were about,” said Chris Allison, CC '17 and Columbia College Student Council first-year vice president, who was having dinner at John Jay when the protesters arrived. “They were yelling and banging a drum.”

Last week, Vice President of Campus Services Scott Wright said, “We are currently monitoring air quality and are already examining long term solutions for improved ventilation.”

Spectator has reached out to Dining for comment.  |  @evakalikoff

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