vol. 16, issue 5

The Eye

In this week’s lead, Lesley Thulin surveys the challenges faced by Columbia's transfer student population and what it takes to overcome them.

Dunni Oduyemi talks to dance legend Dianne McIntyre about her passion for movement, the Black Arts Movement, and being a mentor to young dancers.

It should come as little surprise to anyone following the Winter Olympics this year that the amount of controversy swirling at the games rivals the very snow falling over Sochi, Russia.

Anna Pawl writes about her sister's run-in with a group of high school pranksters armed with cups of urine.

A look at the unrealistic ideals that Disney Princesses represent.

A documentary chronicles the lives of three gay and transgender youth of color in New York City.

A legal battle between artist-vendors and the city of New York is raging.

The Met's exclusive college parties might focus too much on the social.