vol. 16, issue 2.

The Eye

In this week's lead story, Morgan Wilcock writes about three multitalented NYC performers who are dismantling gender norms on- and offstage.

Professor Eric Foner’s reputation precedes him. Aside from being an inspiring and legendary figure in Columbia’s history department, Foner has penned over twenty books, and won a Pulitzer Prize, a Lincoln Prize, and a Bancroft prize.

 I woke up sweaty, my mind bleary. My skin felt taut, caged by an exoskeleton of salt spray. Sand stuck to my face.

After a five-year run in Brooklyn’s up-and-coming Borough Park, “New York’s Weirdest Museum” (as dubbed by the New York Post) announced last month that it may close its doors.

From brokers and street vendors, to publishers and writers, everyone seems to be obsessed with one question: “What sells?” In an era characterized by innovation, action, and a never-ending supply of data, speculation has lost its charm.