vol. 15, issue 8

The Eye

On Sunday mornings, we wait outside the Barnard gates, shifting back and forth from leg to leg to ward off the chill, waiting for Pedro Rodríguez and his pickup truck’s bed fluttering with vegetables.

Before she got stuck in the middle of nowhere Montana co-producing what a young exec at Discovery Channel told her would be the biggest sensation since Shark Week, Kris Kimble had no reason to believe she was not in control of her life.

Daniel Krieger’s a busy man—certainly one of the busiest food photographers in New York. His client list includes the New York Times, Bon Appétit, the Wall Street Journal, and Gourmet, just to name a few, and he currently serves as the head photographer at Eater.com.

“#firstworldproblems” is long past its expiration date, but it’s difficult to think of any other words to describe a multimillionaire complaining about receiving excessive service at a chichi restaurant in one of New York’s nicest neighborhoods. 

Hot like a love affair in the desert, baked scents wafted like wind behind a swift Arabian prince. I could not resist them. Little did I know that those rolls of fresh challah would be life-changing—and not just because they introduced my virgin taste buds to something unknown.

It’s basically a hipster adventure—or as close to one as an elite dining club could provide. Each event held by Dinner Lab is a unique, never-to-be-recreated dining experience.

 The funny thing about living in New York—well, one of them—is that we’re both as close to and as far away from good food as it’s possible to be.

Like many first-year students, I considered Family Weekend a welcome, albeit temporary, respite from two common maladies: homesickness and dining hall blues. What better opportunity for a free meal than a parental visit?

Famous for its kosher-style menu and lines that spill out across Houston Street seven days a week, Katz’s Delicatessen is New York City’s go-to deli.

About six months ago, it was revealed that an Urban Outfitters is opening a store in Williamsburg.