vol. 15, issue 4

The Eye

The physical space of campus, its architecture, and its history are powerful reminders that there’s more to life than tomorrow’s deadline.

The left pedal clicks and I am in, sending the front disk round and inspiring a whir from my stationary bike.

Brennen Byrne, a young Pomona graduate, is seeking to change the economy of the hacking world with his startup Clef, a mobile application that replaces website passwords. Byrne turned to coding for its ability to make real what he had written.

To say that my first impulse after hearing Louis C.K.’s critique of the smartphone was to grab my own smartphone and tweet about it would be far too obvious an attempt at irony. But it kind of was. 

Problematic might be one of the most overused and under-understood words in the world, but I don’t know how else to describe Rick Owens’ Spring 2014 runway show at Paris Fashion Week. It’s a cryptic and lazy criticism, but that’s because the show’s problems are murky and difficult to parse.

Reverse graffiti is one of those rare modern spectacles that is both faultless and inspiring: dirty city surfaces cleaned to render temporary, color-negative images.

Sometimes all it takes is being completely alone on Low Steps to feel like you own the place.

“I think about you everyday. Asshole.” In chicken-scrawl lettering, these words are scratched onto a white backdrop in a digital photo on Mallory Rose’s Tumblr.