vol. 15, issue 3

The Lead

Columbia allocates each of its students a small square footage of space. What students do with that space is entirely another story. Check it out in this week's issue.

View from Here

I woke up to a chunk of ice soaking through my tent and melting against my forehead. It was snowing in the desert, and I was completely alone.



The Eye

In recent weeks, my friends and I have developed a ritual for watching Breaking Bad. When Sunday night finally arrives, my roommate Floyd cues up the latest episode on his laptop and hooks it up to his TV via HDMI.

It’s something any child of the ’90s can picture: computer-generated dolphins diving into a pixelated, purple-and-pink sea; sprinkled ghostly vestiges of Windows 95 error reports; old-school Japanese ads for Atari.

In a little park adjoining some housing projects in East Harlem, there’s a group of seven women standing in a semicircle, singing quietly.

With the creation of each issue of The Eye, there is cause for introspection. Here are photos of us in our space. Just like the images in this week’s lead story, we will let them speak for themselves.

Professor William Theodore de Bary, the John Mitchell Mason professor of Asian humanities and provost emeritus of the University has been a presence at Columbia since his freshman year in the College in 1937.