vol. 15, issue 11

The Eye


by Alison Herman, Managing Editor for Features

Glenn Hubbard (that’s right—the same Hubbard who’s on the cover of your econ textbook) is one of America’s best-known economists, as well as the dean of Columbia Business School.

 In high school I had a teacher, Ted Munter, who taught me to ask the question: What is “art”? As I expressed interest in literature and becoming a writer, Ted exposed me to authors of contemporary fiction whose prose attempted something beyond the simple story.

Jesus was an interesting figure in the sense that we know a lot about his birth, and a lot about the end of his life, but in between we got nothin’. What was he like as a 21-year-old? What if he had gone to Columbia?

Finals season is fast approaching, which means the existential angst you buried after midterms is poised to emerge once more with a vengeance. Does the spurious happiness of the jerks handing out candies and inspirational quotes in Butler make you want to hurl?

Few BuzzFeed articles have appeared as frequently on my Facebook News Feed as “22 Signs You Were Raised by Stephen Sondheim,” a piece that has been making the rounds of the cyber-world as of two weeks ago.

Two weeks ago I visited 5 Pointz on a golden Saturday afternoon. I had heard the rumors that the massive, graffiti-adorned warehouse would finally be destroyed, but I didn’t really believe them. Not many did. 

Oh, what a year it has been—and I can hardly believe it’s over. Running The Eye has been simultaneously the most challenging and most rewarding experience of my time at college.