vol. 14, issue 9

The Eye

“We’re Rutabaga, kings of the produce aisle!”

The history of the atomic bomb has deep roots at Columbia. Scientists first experimented with nuclear fission in the basement of Pupin, an endeavor you may know better as the Manhattan Project.

This past summer I went to volunteer at an orphanage in Tamil Nadu, India. That’s not the story I want to tell, though.

Last month, tents were pitched and chairs unfolded for Fall/Winter 2013 Fashion Week, where 151 shows and live presentations took place showcasing a grand total of 4,479 outfits.

“Wut? Wut it is? Wut is up?

Many Columbia students might cite their longest, most reliable relationship as the one they share with their Starbucks coffee. But a recent initiative taken by the New York Times hopes to entice the next generation of caffeine devotees to share the love and purchase a subscription.


A lot has been said about Harmony Korine’s so-terrible-it’s-kind-of-awesome film Spring Breakers, much of it questioning whether the film is a vapid cinematic redux of Girls Gone Wild: This Time They’re Armed or a profound social commentary on teenage overindulgence.

I’ve heard it said that James Franco is a brilliant actor, that he’s James Dean reincarnated, and that he is as intelligent as he is talented. I see the facts on which these statements are based, and I don’t contest them.

For months, I’ve tried to avoid the freshman 15. At first, I didn’t really pay attention to my weight, thinking a dessert after every meal wasn’t that big of a deal. And then my jeans started to feel tight.

Last month, Disney made small ripples in the media pool with the release of a new video game called City Girl. A structural cousin of FarmVille, City Girl is one of hordes of online Flash-based video games designed to attract casual gamers—read: females.