vol. 14, issue 10

The Lead

It’s 1:30 a.m. An orange extension cord curls out of Carleton Lounge. “It blew out,” an officer tells me. It supplies, or rather did supply, the power for a room of students who flew, bused, trained, or drove in for hackNY’s spring 2013 hackathon.


You may know Robert Schwartzman as the frontman for the Los Angeles-based band Rooney or from some of his acting creds: a role in The Virgin Suicides directed by his cousin Sofia Coppola and as the adorable best-friend’s-little-brother-turned-boyfriend in the Princess Diaries.

View from Here

I get a headache while boarding the bus that promises to take me away from New York to visit one of my best friends in Pennsylvania.


Eye Feature

Ladies, you know the drill. You know vaguely which day your period is coming, you guess incorrectly, run to the pharmacy, shell out $8 for one box of tampons and double-bag the boxes, hoping you don’t run into anyone you know on your beeline to the closest restroom.

The Eye

The past, present, or future could be explained in a photograph. With a simple manipulation of these images, motion is created and the viewer is moving forward. We plan ahead, we become overwhelmingly anxious, we lose ourselves in the excitement of a different tomorrow.

“I feel rotten,” said Lenny as he slumped into his usual chair by the window. He had dragged his messenger bag into the kitchen instead of leaving it in the foyer. It left a faint streak across the white tiles.

Just what we’ve all been waiting for: another young-adult dystopian trilogy.

We’ve heard the line a million times before.

It seems like every celebrity is getting a run on Broadway these days.