Sept. 24, 2015


Despite the rise of women to prominent positions in the University Senate, female senators in the historically all-male legislature are still working to consistently secure leadership positions.


Without a singular issue defining the University Senate’s year ahead, six students look to lead their own initiatives focused on diversity and making administrators accessible.


The updated Go Ask Alice! site—likely the first health Q&A website for college students—has a cleaner look and is more accessible than before.

Dining swapped its fish, chicken, and pork vendors over the summer as an effort to make dining hall dishes more local and healthier for the environment. 

The annual cost of Barnard’s Aetna Student Health plan, the option offered by Barnard’s primary insurance provider, nearly doubled—going from $1,280 to $2,250 a year—between the 2012-13 and 2015-16 academic years.


One in four undergraduate women at Columbia reported being sexually assaulted during college, according to a report released Monday that detailed the results of

Columbia doctors made their way to Washington D.C. for the Rally for Medical Research last Thursday, where they appealed Congress for increased National Institutes of Health funding alongside hundreds of medical professionals from across the country.


Our city is home to the “social sin” of inequality, and as Columbia students, we should join Pope Francis in finding solutions to these problems.

In light of the AAU survey, the Editorial Board asks students to play their part in preventative assistance when it comes to sexual assault.