April 10, 2014


Barnard housing selection is not a misery-inducing right of passage, but a clear sign of Res Life's inability to communicate with students.

Technologically inept, Marti Brooks agrees to a "date" over texts.

No Red Tape Columbia should not have blamed Public Safety and Admissions representatives for doing their jobs.


For the first time ever, Barnard’s commencement ceremony will be transcribed and translated into 57 languages online, but the students who led the initiative said they ran into administrative opposition in achieving their full plan.

Carrying on the spirit of Emily Gregory, a Barnard professor and a pioneering woman in science, biology professor Jennifer Mansfield has been named this year’s Emily Gregory Award recipient.

The intersection at 96th Street and Broadway is officially going under the knife.

After serving in a number of leadership positions advocating on behalf of public schools, Miriam Aristy-Farer, who currently heads Community Education Council District 6, will serve on a working group that will address space issues in city schools.


The Lions baseball team took a 10-0 lead in the fourth inning and never looked back.

Cross-divisional play—and the resultant dominance of the Lou Gehrig Division over the Red Rolfe—wrapped up last weekend.

Light Blue lacrosse was unable to come back in the second half after UMBC took an early lead.

The stars are aligning for the rugby team to make some noise at the Ivy championships.

Arts and Entertainment

This “Columbia Life” gives students an opportunity to reflect on the student experience in a series of hour-long narrative radio programs on WKCR.

Student artists California Love and Nøvachørd will take the stage this Saturday at Bacchanal as two of the opening acts.

The Columbia University Players address sexuality, faith and family in this weekend's production.