April 3, 2014


Columbia Thank You Day will kick off on Thursday to celebrate the University’s record-breaking $6.1 billion capital campaign.

Being a college student in New York City can take a toll on student bank accounts, but Columbia Business School students hope their startup website will help cut down on costs.

Estakio Beltran will graduate from the School of International and Public Affairs this spring, and his next stop may be Congress—if the votes are in his favor.

The State Assembly and City Council, with support from Community Board 7, have drafted legislation that would prevent landlord discrimination in city apartment buildings.


The lack of community we feel—and the negative feelings around us—might come from the fact that we don't value kindness highly enough. If we weren't so skeptical of kind gestures, we might feel more motivated to pay it forward.

By disparaging the field of mental health, professors and administrators taint the notion of getting help for students who might need it but don't know it.

A proposal for the myriad complaints Columbia College students have about Frontiers of Science.


While other teams had an evenly-split week of wins and losses, Penn consistently dominated its opposition on a 7-0 run.

Though her collegiate career is behind her, Taylor Ward still sees basketball in her future, but this time in the form of coaching.

Columbia medical student Dan Jones will race at the Collegiate National Championships triathlon in Tempe, Ariz., this weekend.

Columbia's fourth-ranked rock climbing club will compete at Regionals this weekend in Halfmoon, N.Y.

Arts and Entertainment

Tamasha brings together both campus and off-campus performances in their circus-themed South Asian cultural showcase.

Petra Costa, BC ’05, returns to campus to discuss her new documentary film “Elena.”

LyricLion will perform at 54 Below Thursday with several students, alumni, and artists living in New York.