March 6, 2014


The dual-degree program with the City University of Hong Kong began as a pilot program for only a few CityU students in 2012-2013, but will be permanently instituted and open to a larger group of students next semester.

Barnard welcomed three new members to its board of trustees this week who hail from art, finance, and consulting backgrounds.

Sarah Yee, CC ’16, was elected the 2016 class representative on Wednesday by 44.3 percent of sophomore class voters.

Barnard Dean Avis Hinkson, BC ’84 and TC ’87, announced in an email sent to the Barnard student body early Wednesday morning that Plimpton Hall, on Amsterdam Avenue between 121st and 122nd streets, will be the only Barnard dorm open for the first part of winter break, from Dec. 19 to Jan. 4. The policy change will go into effect next year.

Community Board 7 passed two transportation resolutions and tabled another at the monthly full-board meeting Tuesday night.


Despite a recent setback at Harvard, men’s basketball has proved itself to be a team worth watching—both this weekend and next season.

Women’s tennis will refocus its sights on finishing its nonconference season strong after a disappointing loss to Georgia State.

Columbia Business School’s Mark Broadie has worked to increase awareness of shots gained—a new golf metric.


The divide between Arizona and New York is more than just geographical, and it’s more than just political.

Dressing up at a costume party leads to lectures on political correctness.

Dig Inn founder Adam Eskin supports the recent petition for a sandwich ambassador.

Arts and Entertainment

An alumnus’ new film examines relationships between two spies on either side of a conflict.

A new Sardinian restaurant doesn’t make the best—or worst—Italian food on the Upper West Side.

Three bands familiar to the Columbia campus scene played a show at Slake, a nightclub and concert venue located in Midtown Thursday night.

CU Players present the Bertholt Brecht play about war and motherhood.