February 3, 2014


Though many of Columbia's most high-profile teams are often disappointing, loving a team is about more than just what happens on the field.

The Lions fell to Ivy League opponents Yale and Brown on consecutive nights.

Unable to recover from their slow starts, the Lions fell to Yale and Brown this weekend.

Men's squash takes home a historic win over No. 11 Dartmouth and loses to Harvard while the women fall to both Ivy League opponents.

Individual performances stood out in the Lions 157-140 loss to Navy.

Back at the Dick Savitt Tennis Center, the Lions made quick work of Georgia State and DePaul.


If we remove people from our discussion by preventing them from joining our arguments, we commit an injustice to ourselves.

Wealth divides the Columbia community by making some activities prohibitive.

The current system for booking space is outmoded and inefficient.


Columbia’s student adviser to COÖP recently voted in favor of including Barnard students in the program. COÖP leaders say it’s now up to Barnard administrators to approve integration.

Lion Fund, the largest independently financed student-run hedge fund in the Ivy League with a portfolio worth $115,000, is experiencing a period of growth and changes while trying to maintain the group’s core goals and democratic investing process.

A record 408 students applied to Panhellenic sororities this year, up from last year’s high of 396 applicants, Panhellenic Council President Amelia Kudenholdt, CC ’14, said.

A new program at the global center in Rio de Janeiro will allow students to learn TV writing in Portuguese this spring.

Despite pressure from local politicians to implement traffic-calming measures along a stretch of Morningside Avenue, Community Board 10 leaders said at a meeting last Thursday that they want a revised plan from the Department of Transportation before continuing discussions.