Continuing concerns about unfair workloads for course assistants, under-compensation, and the state of the budget at Teachers College in the wake of a $300 million fundraising initiative have some students seeking their own answers to their complaints.

Bill Campbell, co-chair of Columbia’s board of trustees, has been named as a central figure in two ongoing, high-profile lawsuits involving major tech companies including Apple, eBay, and Google.

Business School professor Katherine Phillips released a paper considering the political and economic effects of having female national leaders in the School of International and Public Affairs' Journal of International Affairs.

The Jan. 11 fire was caused by an electrical fire in the basement, an FDNY spokesperson said Tuesday. But the future of the building hangs in uncertainty, especially as the two listed owners died in 2012.

The elderly Upper West Side resident who was knocked to the ground by police after jaywalking on Jan. 19 is filing a $5 million lawsuit against the New York Police Department.


The mishandling of sexual assault cases reported by a recent Blue and White article is representative of greater problems in administrative offices' efficacy.

Volunteer docent Thomas Fedorek agrees that outside funding is essential for the preservation of Saint John the Divine.

The Panhellenic Council’s secrecy in recruitment surrounding chapter dues is detrimental to potential new members.


Against a smaller Cornell team, the Columbia frontcourt came through with a surprisingly good performance.

The second weekend of Ivy play in men’s basketball saw Brown top Yale and Harvard take down Dartmouth. Cornell continued to struggle, dropping its second-straight to Columbia, and Princeton and Penn both won their regular-season nonconference finales.

A decade after graduating from Columbia, Marcellus Wiley and Max Kellerman have joined forces on radio and TV.