December 9, 2013


New reports released Friday from the Senate’s quality of life survey reveal that undergraduate students are least satisfied with academic advising and career preparation and most satisfied with on-campus interviews and recruiting.

University Provost John Coatsworth said the plan will allow faculty over the age of 65 to receive 100 percent of their salaries upon retirement and phase out their retirements over five years.

The Columbia University Central and Eastern European Club aims to bring together students, professors, scholars, and professionals with interest in the region—even as enrollment in classes relating to Central and Eastern Europe has been falling.

Many involved in the wellness movement feel that the conversation has grown this semester, pushing for specific policy changes. But the past few months have also seen a rise in some students questioning the purpose of the movement.

The bookstore, on 112th Street and Broadway, will not be renewing its lease when it expires in February 2015.


With the on-campus facility falling apart, now is the time to step up and make some improvements.

Although the men's basketball team was able to keep it close against the Bison, the Light Blue couldn't hold on and dropped its second road game in a row.

The Light Blue has now lost eight straight with its 72-44 loss to Colgate on Saturday.

Both squash teams lost in their first Ivy competition of the season.

Men's swimming took fourth place at the "Big Al" Open, while the women's team took eighth in the collegiate competition of winter nationals.

Men's and women's swimming enjoyed success split up on the road, while both squash teams lost to Cornell over the weekend.


Weighing the grades of different departments by their concluding performances produced some illuminating results.

Firing Dr. Murphy is not the solution to improving the athletics department.

We’ve had our good and our bad times this semester. We’ve done a lot of griping—and often for a good reason. But, against the spirit of finals, we’d like to talk about some good things that happened this semester. (And forgive us our snark.)