August 28, 2013 (Orientation)


Members of the class of 2017 try their hand at some Columbia trivia questions on Tuesday. Find out how they did, and maybe even learn a thing or two.


CUMB is here to tell you the top reasons to come to a few Lions games this semester and cheer for the Blue and White.

With many Light Blue squads on the rise and others looking to stay near the top, there are plenty of questions to be answered in 2013-14.


Some of Columbia's top storylines last year included a bizarre performance in a Frontiers of Science lecture, Nutellagate, Faculty House contract negotiations, and an alleged hate crime by a football player.

Special interest housing, mental health, and the first female dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science are among the storylines to follow this year.

Names and faces: the administrators and student council leaders you should know this fall.

The neighborhoods surrounding Columbia—the four neighborhoods Spectator covers—are home to their own rich histories, diverse residents, and local controversies.

Arts and Entertainment

From the raucous laughter of Orgo Night to the musical feast of Bacchanal, arts events are a mainstay of campus culture.

Spectator presents an approval matrix for Morningside Heights restaurants.

Columbia has no shortage of on-campus musical talent. This roundup of student bands will get you up to speed.

First-years, take heed: Absurd amalgamations of this figure will haunt your next four years.

If you’re looking for Walter White’s Tyvek suit, Klimt’s “Adele Bloch-Bauer I,” or even just some good improv, these spots around the five boroughs are worth a trip.


Becoming a Columbian involves some rites of passage—116 of them.