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We all go through phases in college. One day you want to be in a frat, the next you're joining the hiking club. One day you're pre-med, the next you have a life. The beauty of Columbia is that you can do this—just make sure to chronicle these changes through an ever-evolving Twitter handle. Below is not just a series of handles, but an autobiography. 

The "I'm applying to college and don't want the Man to track me down and know about that one time I drank beer" punny handle

E.g., darkAllieWay


The "I just got to college, wow this city rocks!"

E.g., I_am_gossipgrl_xo


The "oh wow Columbia has a number of scandals"

E.g., Ferris'_fake_nutella_thief


The "oh wow Columbia REALLY has a lot of scandals"

E.g., Town_hall_for_YOUR_MOM


The "wait enthusiasm is not cool here, gotta be nonchalant"

E.g., p!geon_sh!t


The "wow changing your handle is this easy?! I'm going to do it all the time, also crackdel”

E.g., busted_like_crackdel


The "me discovering my sexuality coincided with Nick Jonas discovering his"

E.g., nick_jonas'_coin_$lot


The "oh so that's the war on fun"

E.g., Fall_bacchannal_headliner


The "my friend and I just talked for three hours about old school Disney channel"

E.g., Penny_proud's_homegirl


The "I didn't join Greek life and now ironic hand signs are my life"

E.g., Yo_mistress's_popped_gamma


The "I just learned the meaning of 'normcore' but don't quite have it right yet"

E.g., Class_of_1999_yearbook


The "holy crap winter is cold and long"

E.g., Your_boy's_canada_goose


The "wait now I just had a three-hour long conversation about Laguna Beach"

E.g., When_lauren_conrad_was_just_LC


The "OK I get that MoHi is being gentrified but where is senior night going to be?"

E.g., Campo's_gravesite


The "wait I'm a senior, I'm about to be in the real world"

E.g., MTV's_RealWorld_MoHi


The "no seriously I need a job"

E.g., Alexandra_Baer_Chan

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