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Condado Beach, San Juan. Tourists washing the sand

off babies. Outside, a condom store

renders a promise in red lettering: PROTEGIENDO EL

PLANETA. Meanwhile I hold your face in my hands inside your car

and ask, do you want me, and you have to say yes, badly;

because I am wet and a return ticket is sending me home, the coconut

carts will degenerate into hot dog stands, Nueva York?

Yes, only I am so wet I cannot remember

avenues, do you want me, do you want me badly, and what else

can you do to a stranger but affirm, only this you do not do,

Juncos native, internet cologne, casino security, liar like a liar,

will you say you want me? I ask you like sediment on

a baby’s foot, or like the last slice of a plantain, when satiation

is already so far underway. Want it? By it I mean, can I have

a parallel universe on every corner of the earth, and by this I mean

can I leave a universe in you? Over the gear shift,

suck the skin of your neck. Will you say you want me,

only now you’re asking without answering,

do you want me? And I say god yes, real badly; this life

is not anyways how I’d dreamed it, the sex like an empyrean dream that doesn’t

happen. I don’t dream it.  Nails uncut. Dig the roots

inside me. Girl, you are fucking sexy. Slide around like the ether

beneath an ozone. No one yet sorry for no one.

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