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one day days after the new year 
we drove up to cliffs like Scotland except 
on the wrong ocean we were on the rocky Pacific 
i don't remember much but rolling in sand 
and greens looking extra green i do remember 
burning holes in our fleece pants in the back of a 
ford i put a stick of incense in my mouth 
romantically and whispered i could spend the rest 
of my life with you you could not believe and 
asked if i was really real and i never answered 
it has been weeks or months of glorious 
confession and loss i got you lost you 
it really doesn't matter we still fight too much 
and it's terribly sour then one sunny day 
we ate more things and if one particle is a thing 
things seems like a serious understatement 
things tasted like soap and neither of us liked it 
but we sure liked dancing and sure enough 
there was a room with maybe us two things 
four nipples two of them pierced two sets 
of thick headphones no speakers eyes likely 
closed and i looked at you and you looked at me 
we picked a same song counted to three 
you were so beautiful dancing and maybe 
there is no other way 
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