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When it comes to social media, Columbians are all about Instagram. Sure, Facebook's cool in an old-school, normcore kind of way, and hispters sure do love their Twitters. But at the end of the day, we're all fiends for those Instagram likes—and we're not above using three separate filters to get into the double digits. Here are some handy tips for mastering the most common Instas gracing our feeds.

1. A panorama of campus is guaranteed ot get you over 50 likes. Extra points if you can get Butler AND Low in your shot. You might even hit 100 likes if it's dusk.

2. A pic of the Ref Room ceiling/Butler stacks/209 during midterms is a recipe for pity likes.

3. Make sure not to include the B health rating when Instagramming your brunch at Community.

4. I would tell you not to 'gram that picture of you and your girlfriend skinny arming in front of the Mel's sign, but I know you're going to do it anyway. Bright lights, big city, Mel's with the girls!!

5. Earl Hall in the snow with some variation on the "polar vortex" or "we need a snow day" caption is another classic Columbia insta.

6. Winter is the prime season for the Columbia Instagram game, because everyone is in Butler scrolling through their feeds until their eyes bleed instead of studying for midterms. Another stalwart sure to get likes from these manic 209-ers is obviously the tree lights on College Walk.

7. Always Insta any and all food from outside Morningside Heights. Columbia students are so desperate for edible food that there is no way your Momofuku truffles are getting less than double-digit likes.

8. Ironic posts about terrible housing/health services/dining hall conditions are always winners.

9. If you went out last night and didn't at least post an Instagram of late-night Koronet, did it really happen?

10. Most importantly, always remember: if you don't Instagram on Bacchanal and Homecoming, you might as well transfer to NYU (or at least delete your Instagram).



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