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My first memory of Valentine's Day is my second-grade teacher giving my class brown paper bags, red glitter glue, and 3-D heart stickers a few days before the 14th to decorate our own personal Valentines mailboxes, where we were expected to deposit notes for our friends (and Hershey's Kisses).

I quickly became impatient waiting for my crush of the week to send me a love note and at least one packet of Reese's Pieces—and started acting out. I stole his math book one day because it seemed like a good idea—I probably wanted to see if he'd scribbled my name in his book. In the end all I got was a detention from my teacher when she found out that I'd taken another student's book, a note from by BFF in a language that we'd made up, and a few chocolates for good measure.

This Valentine's Day, let The Eye be your partner. We're easy to please, we accept you for who you are, and we know a thing or two about the Adobe suite. We'll alwaysbe there to comfort you in Butler or spice up a cup of tea at Hungarian. Wherever you go, we'll follow, and we'll write the story every step of the way. Please, Columbia, be our Valentine. 


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